Registered with www.fgasregister.com and holding city and guilds FGas qualification we can help! We can carry out routine or one off f-gas checks on any system containing fluorinated gases (F gases) all for a fixed fair price. All of the services we offer come with a free fgas check included. We are the no.1 fgas engineer Ipswich.

Either complete your refrigerant tracking log (F-Gas Log Book) or provide one where one isn't available.

Provide an F-Gas de-commissioning certificate for any system we de-commission. 

Provide an F-Gas commissioning certificate for any system we commission.

Install and/or commission privately purchased air conditioning, refrigeration or heat pump systems.

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We are registered with www.fgasregister.com

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Fluorinated greenhouse gases (F gases) are powerful greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming if released into the atmosphere. Their effect can be much greater than carbon dioxide.

F-Gas regulations affect the owners and operators of systems containing F-Gas’s (Florinated Gasses)

Florinated Gasses include

CFC’s - such as R11 and R12 have been banned since 1996

HCFC’s - Such as R22 have been. banned since 2015

HFC’s -  R404a has been banned since 2020. Other HFC’s such as R134a will be phased out from 2022

As an owner or operator of an F-Gas system you are you must keep records about the following equipment

  • stationary refrigeration equipment
  • stationary air-conditioning equipment
  • stationary heat pumps
  • stationary fire protection equipment
  • refrigeration units of refrigerated trucks and trailers
  • electrical switchgear
  • organic Rankine cycle

You must keep records for 5 years on the:

  • quantity and type of gas in the equipment when it’s installed
  • quantity and type of gas added during maintenance (for example in leak repairs)
  • dates and results of all mandatory leak checks
  • what you’ve done to recover and dispose of gas – for example, record the registered waste carrier you use to dispose of it

If the gas used in the equipment has been recycled or reclaimed, record the:

  • quantity of gases recovered
  • name, address and certificate number of the recycling or reclamation facility

If you’re a user or operator of the equipment, keep records of the name, address and certificate number of any companies used to install, service or decommission your equipment.

The Environment Agency may ask to see your records during an inspection.

Maximum period of time between leak checksMaximum equivalent weight of carbon dioxide (tonnes)HFC 23 (kg)HFC 227ea (kg)HFC 404A (kg)HFC 410a (kg)HFC 134a (kg)
1 year50.
6 months503.415.5132435
3 months50034155127240350

If you find a leak

If you find a leak during a check, you must repair it immediately and repeat the test within a month to check the repair worked.

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fgas engineer ipswich
fgas engineer ipswich